How to Make Polished Concrete Finishes

Posted on May 29, 2016 By

Although you’ve thought about concrete that is polished but didn’t understand where to choose an excellent set of pictures, you’ll find many examples or by viewing their group from previous occupations and calling a contractor.

From modern houses to corporate offices, eateries, outside dining areas, coffee shops and showrooms there’s many different colours and finishes you will discover to allow you to select your favourite look.

The most common variations are colour and aggregate exposure just the surface can be polished or where the aggregate can be exposed or quite finely cut. Colour comes from three sources:

The concrete which can have colour blended into it or can be dark or light grey. The surface that may be painted with a spot before shining
The colour of the aggregates used in the combination
Colour spots can even out the variations in the concrete appear more uniform. Shade in the real mixture will ensure the mortar colour that is same whatever the depth of cut and there are many aggregate combinations available that may contain coloured glass to make the total that is open more intriguing.

The amount of radiance can also make a difference with 3000 grit shining although it can be impractical because it reveals dust quite readily creating an increased depth of polish and brilliant reflection. 1500 grit glow can also be quite excellent with a little difference between both. 800 grit finish is quite shiny, but it doesn’t reveal the dust readily and is considerably more practical while still quite slick.

There’s also furniture made from concrete particularly tables and seat tops in outside, dining, kitchens and toilets. Counter tops and vanity sinks can be modelled with the exposed aggregate finish to precise contours and polish amounts that exude sophistication.

For commercial buildings polished concrete has proven to be a cost-effective and long-lasting finish which is hard wearing. It can be kept using conventional cleaning care equipment with the inclusion of compounds that clean and condition the flooring and with cleaning pads that keep the gloss level of the first polished flooring during cleaning processes that were nightly. The anti-skid qualities can also be kept using these methods to shield pedestrians in both dry and wet states.

Shining the concrete flooring can generate the same finish with no added terrazzo mixture as terrazzo having to be poured which ends in an incredible cost saving. The finish of polished concrete is more long-lasting than other or vinyl coverings without any importance of replacement and regular removal that will be a substantial cost.