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  • Professional IT Outsourcing Service

    Professional IT Outsourcing Service

    Find out more about Murano Software and the range of IT and software development services they have to offer.

  • seo copywriting

    seo copywriting

    about all-in-one SEO services from a reputable company with many years of experience in this field.

  • The Exterminators

    The Exterminators

    Toronto exterminators offering a variety of pest control solutions. Extermination of bed bugs, ants, rats, mice and cockroaches. Call us today to book a no obligation inspection with one of our licensed and insured technicians.

  • Wildlife Shield

    Wildlife Shield

    Wildlife shield provides a plethora of solutions in dealing with both residential and commercial wildlife problems. Our licensed technicians can effectively deal with all types of wildlife problems including squirrels, raccoons and birds. Visit our website or call us directly to book a no obligation inspection.


    We deal with nuisance wildlife. We capture all wildlife and remove it from your property. Get expert, licensed trappers who are educated by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. We will remove raccoons, squirrels, skunks and birds and provide effective animal proofing services. Call: 647-694-3620.


    Call our technicians for any raccoon related issue. Our trained and experienced wildlife control technicians will help in the removal of nuisance raccoons from attics, roofs, sheds, decks and more. You can also visit our website for information on how to perform raccoon removal on your own.


    Squirrel control and removal services by licensed and insured wildlife removal technicians in Toronto and GTA


    Our technicians strictly follow integrated pest management techniques to deal with even the most challenging rodent infestations.